Safety Net Connect's award-winning health technologies increase access to care, enhance care coordination & reduce healthcare costs.

Our premier products "Converge," "Connect," and "Collaborate" are web-based care coordination solutions designed to close gaps in communication and continuity between providers, payors and disparate technology.

Next Generation eConsult

Converge next-generation eConsult platform connects medical, behavioral & social service providers for rapid access to whole-person care coordination.

Convergence of Disciplines

Bringing medical, behavioral & social service providers together in an integrated platform for a holistic, patient-centered care.

Convergence of Access

Solving the challenges of both rural and urban settings increase access and capacity regardless of geographic location.

Convergence Across Systems

Close gaps in communication from the hand-offs between providers, payors, and different healthcare systems or technology.

Convergence of Data

Real-time dashboard and robust reporting increase evidence-based care and documentation for quality metrics.

How Converge Works

Clinical tools streamline referrals, workflows and increase standardization with decision support.
Integrated administrative features ensure automated execution for everything from referral eligibility and scheduling, to billing and documentation for quality or certification requirements.
Electronic consultations or "eConsults" facilitate a care plan dialogue between providers. Most eConsults are completed within a day and over 60% are resolved without a specialist office visit.

Administrative Integration

Eligibility Management
Automated Billing
Complete Documentation
Synchronized Scheduling

Clinical Standardization

Intelligent Referrals
Decision Support
Specialty-Specific Workshops
Real-time Dashboard & Reports

"By facilitating communication and maximizing scheduling access, eConsult plays a significant role in how we create capacity and sustainably provide coordinated care for patients with DR across all of the LADHS sites."

Lauren P. Daskivich, MD, MSHS & Director, Ophthalmology and Eye Health Programs at LADHS.

What Makes Converge Unique?

Converge extends beyond the physician-to-physician transaction model of traditional eConsults.
Our next-generation platform efficiently coordinates whole-person care for thousands of providers and millions of patients.


  • Created with clinicians from 60+ specialties
  • Automatically prompts for key data points & attachments
  • Fast, efficient & consistent information exchange
  • Care-specific referral guidelines & decision support algorithms


  • Cross-discipline coordination for whole-person care
  • Web-based technology integrates providers across fragmented systems
  • Geography-agnostic: increases access in both rural and urban settings


  • Dedicated teams provide experienced guidance
  • Each implementation is tailored to an organization's unique needs and culture
  • Best-practice policies and workflows for rapid training & system adoption

Converge Outcomes:

Proven effective, scalable and sustainable for increasing access and whole person care coordination. Studies reveal Converge:

  • Decreased wait times for specialty care by 89.2%
  • Eliminated the need for a specialty care appointment in 68.8% of cases
  • Offers "sustainable long-term improvement in specialty care access"
  • Is "a cost-effective solution for traditionally underfunded safety net providers"
  • Maintained or enhanced quality-of-care while simultaneously achieving substantial cost savings

Read more about our study data

"The implementation of this system suggests that even in a large, underserved urban population, specialty access is not an intractable problem, and that a shift in the model for specialty care can provide rapid electronic input for thousands of patients in need."

Paul Giboney, MD, Director of Specialty Care at LADHS

Converging providers, systems & patients, with benefits for all…

  • Virtual Access to Specialists
  • Shorter Wait Times for Specialty Appointments
  • Positive Patient Experience & Satisfaction


  • Whole-Person, Multi-Disciplinary Approach
  • Coordination Across Networks
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Quality Metrics


  • Decreased ER Utilization
  • Reduced Duplication of Services
  • Cost-Effective, Quality Care for Vulnerable & Underserved Populations


Real-time data integration.

Connect delivers real-time patient data at the point of care - facilitating provider collaboration & seamless care transitions across disparate systems.

Connecting Fragmented Systems

Using HL7 ADT real-time data exchange, Connect aggregates data from disparate healthcare entities, facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers regardless of organization and affiliation.

Increasing Continuity of Care

With unified access, Connect increases communication and continuity - ensuring seamless care transitions between hospitals, community clinics, and primary care practices.

Transforming Data to Action

Connect patient data portal provides secure, 24/7 dashboard reporting and real-time alerts enabling early intervention and coordination with the medical home.

Empowering Care Coordination

Enabling providers to view and share critical information at the point of care, Connect delivers a real-world solution for the meaningful use of healthcare information.

Coordination Across the Continuum:

Connect provides 24/7, real-time access to critical patient data, in a single source and standardized format:

Hospital Census Data

  • ED & Admission Alerts
  • Track level of care & length of stay

Medical History

  • Rx, lab & diagnostics
  • Claims-based outpatient history

Activity Tracking

  • Past ED visits
  • Hospitalizations
  • Referrals

Patient Notes

  • ED
  • Clinic providers
  • Case management

Integrated referrals and eConsults enable care coordination between hospitals, specialists, community clinics and primary care practices, while automated alerts and notifications ensure medical home physicians receive necessary medical data and proactively contact patients to schedule follow-up appointments.

As a web-based application, Connect harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data communication in an easily accessible portal. Health Level-7 Admit Discharge Transfer (HL7 ADT) real-time data exchange enables secure 24/7 access to data with no new investment in hardware. Additionally, Connect can be implemented transparently and with minimal costs.

"Based on the outcomes of a successful pilot, we began rolling out the Connect platform to the high-volume hospitals in our network in August of 2015. Engaging twenty-one institutions in just over a year is a true testament to the value of this kind of data in improving outcomes for our hospital providers. We're excited to be able to provide a meaningful solution that overcomes common connectivity barriers between systems."

John Baackes, L.A. Care CEO

Connect Outcomes:

Proven effective in connecting care across fragmented healthcare systems, Connect improves coordination and continuity of care for real-world results.

Medical Home Network (MHN) is a Chicago-based, not-for-profit collaborative with 21 hospitals, 200+ primary care clinics and facilities, and over 1,400 PCPs and specialists working together to fundamentally changed how care is delivered.

Utilizing Connect to facilitate virtual integration of this vast network, an MHN demonstration project has significantly improved the quality-of-care for 170,000 Medicaid beneficiaries, with remarkable cost savings:

  • 18% reduction in ER utilization in year one
  • 25% reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions
  • 130% increase in timely post-discharge follow-ups

"Having access to real time information and up-to-the-minute details pertaining to the patient's health care utilization is invaluable."

Arthur Jones, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MHN

Connect facilitates care across the continuum...

  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Improve timely post-discharge follow-up
  • Track level of care and length of stay
  • Reconcile authorized bed days against billed bed days


  • Timely notification of inpatient stays for proactive intervention
  • Increase linkage with medical home
  • Integrated referrals and eConsults ensure rapid access and documentation trail


  • Inpatient census notification from regional hospitals for concurrent review
  • Improve discharge management and care coordination
  • Minimize duplication of services; reduce administrative costs


Care collaboration platform.

Collaborate is a community referral solution that allows disparate community providers to share in a client care plan and manage the tenets of Whole Person Care.

360° Care

Medical, behavioral, social & community service provider collaboration platform.

The Care Collaboration Platform from Safety Net Connect delivers a centralized hub for real-time communication and care-coordination between community-based providers. Historically these community-based providers have lacked pathways for data sharing. Now providers can generate a “Community Collaboration Care Plan” and coordinate with other partner agencies in real time — including clinics, homeless shelters, recuperative care services, emergency rooms and other providers.

  • Inclusive, unified & patient-centric care
  • Address social determinants of health — food insecurities, caregiving and more
  • Tailored to practical needs of vulnerable populations & teams that care for them
  • Real-time data-sharing; 360 view of care & services
  • Distributive model — every organization focused on what they do best
  • Decrease service duplication + illuminate previously invisible gaps in care

Now we can engage all of our providers in the community in real time - whether they are part of the same network or system or not. We are essentially creating a uniquely tailored, virtual care network for each patient we serve.

Building a Community Collaboration Care Plan

A unique coordination tool, the community collaboration care plan serves as the core, or central hub of our system:

  • Allowing care teams to view and contribute to the individual’s care plan and coordinate resources
  • Care teams can capture updated demographics such as location, phone # or language preference with each encounter
  • Care plan activity is separated into 6 focus areas for a quick view into the individual’s progress

6 Focus Areas of the Community Collaboration Care Plan

Medical Services
Recuperative Care Services
Social Services
Behavioral Health
Resource & Linkage
Shelter & Housing

Tailored to the Unique Needs of Vulnerable Populations & Their Care Teams

  • Referral management; automated reporting
  • Global dashboard view of patient care activities; care team messaging & notifications
  • Real-time admit, discharge, transfer (ADT), eligibility & demographic data
  • Track most recent location — including cross streets
  • Integrated assessments — social determinants, housing readiness, behavioral health…
  • Enable patients to electronically store valuable documents

We mind the gap.

Safety Net Connect solutions seamlessly close gaps in communication and continuity that occur in the hand-offs between providers, payors, and differing technology.

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